With our Online Enrollment, the days of paper forms and administrative hassles are over. Your benefits enrollment process becomes quicker and more manageable through an easy-to-use online system. 

By integrating Online Enrollment with your administration system, our solution helps you manage open enrollment and ongoing life event changes while allowing members to make informed benefits decisions quickly and easily. Employees can enroll using a quick, multi-step Smart process. 

Smart screens tailor the information required based on the answers the user provides.  This not only makes it easier for the member but aids in efficiency as there are far fewer mistakes.


  • Provide HR personnel and employees access to benefits information around-the-clock
  • Reduce administrative tasks and eliminate paper-based processes
  • Grant employees instant access to benefits elections through online confirmation statements
  • Review data and statistics about employee enrollment activity through reporting capabilities



SmartForm Technology

One of the many problems with paper-based re-enrollment is that members not only have to re-submit information the Benefits Office already has but the forms are long and can be confusing.  So when forms are submitted, they are too often not correct and this requires time and energy to get things corrected.

Using our SmartForms, our enrollments only ask questions that are required based on previous answers provided by the member.  This way the member is spending unnecessary time entering information that wasn't required in the first place.

The best part, once this information is entered, it can automatically update your administration system eliminating any re-keying of information.

Simple form



SmartForm prompts:


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